Nominate Your Best: Colorado Health Care Professional Recognition Program


American Sentinel University and the Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) named Chris Zielenski, Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator at Boulder Community Health as a Colorado Health Care Stars Award winner.

Colorado Health Care Stars is a statewide health care professional award recognition program sponsored by American Sentinel University and CHA. The program was launched in February 2015 to acknowledge clinical professionals in Colorado who exceed expectations in the delivery of health care.

"If you have ever gone to a pharmacy and therapeutics committee meeting, you know that Chris “runs the show” for changes to our drug formulary. This meeting has a huge impact on our pharmaceutical budget and he takes these formulary recommendations very seriously.  From drug formulation changes, to drug formulary removals and substitutions, we saved a significant on pharmaceutical expenditures in 2016. 
Chris has been very influential in getting the pharmacy residency program up and running.  He submitted a grant proposal to our foundation and spoke to the importance of receiving funds to start the program.  We did receive grant money – thank you to the BCH Foundation!!  This money was the jumpstart we needed to start recruiting for our program and this was all spearheaded by Chris.  We had 23 candidates from all over the country apply for our program.  We have sent invites to our top 12 candidates and ALL 12 have accepted our invitation to interview at BCH. 
Chris was also involved in transitioning our automated dispensing machines from Pyxis to Omnicell.  We were able to get our IV pumps to greater than 80% utilization hospital wide.  Chris and Dr. Meditz developed an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program along with creating an excellent antimicrobial therapy guidebook.  He is involved in order set development and standardization, ensuring we will be compliant with USP Chapter 800 on handling hazardous drugs, he is involved in the successful accreditation of our Joint Commission Total Joint and Stroke programs, and ensuring we are compliant with State Board of Pharmacy regulations.  He works diligently on medication errors and adverse event reporting and Patient Safety is always a top priority. 
Chris is extremely important to this organization.  He is a great role model for our profession and more importantly, a great colleague and friend.”
Casey Diekmann, Director of Pharmacy
Boulder Community Health